While not recommended, you can use the "Expanded List View" option within ZenSports to scroll for and find bets. Using the Expanded List View basically shows you every bet available for accepting in ZenSports, sorted in chronological order by game. Because you're literally viewing every bet in ZenSports using this method, it's only recommended if you want to place a bet on the very next game that's coming up, regardless of who is playing or what league/sport it's in.

1. To check out bets using the Expanded List View option, first make sure you're on the All Bets tab of the Bet screen. Then tap on the "Expand" icon in the upper-right corner, which is directly to the left of the Create Bet button:

2. You'll then see a list view of all bets that are within ZenSports, sorted in chronological order by game (ZenSports bundles all of the bets for the same game together so that you can see those bets in the same place):

Season/Futures bets are on the very bottom, so this isn't a good way to find bets if you're looking for Season/Futures bets. Instead, use the Menu List View for finding bets if you want to find Season/Futures bets.

3. You can still use the Quick Search or Filtering option from this Expanded List View if you'd like in order to narrow down the results returned:

4. To get back to the Menu List View, just tap the "Menu List" icon in the upper right corner. The Menu List icon replaced the Expand icon after the Expand icon was originally tapped:

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