To help you get started in using ZenSports’ peer-to-peer sports betting app, we add a Free $25 Match Play Bonus to all new accounts immediately after you sign up.

This means you can get started betting on sports with the opportunity to win real money, without having to deposit any of your own funds into your ZenSports account.

What is a Free Match Play Bonus and how does it work?

  1. A Free Match Play Bonus means that you get to make up to $25 in sports bets within ZenSports completely risk-free to you -- you don’t have to deposit any funds or risk any of your own money.
  2. If you Win with the Free Match Play Bonus, you get to keep the winnings in your Available Balance, and then the original Match Play Bonus will get deducted from your balance. Which means any winnings from the Free Match Play Bonus turns into real cash for you. For example, if you place a $25 bet with your Free Match Play Bonus and win, you’ll receive $25 into your Available Balance, the Free Match Play Bonus will get deducted automatically, and you'll be left with $25 that you can withdraw!
  3. If you Lose with the Free Match Play Bonus, no harm no foul! Nothing further gets deducted from your account and you haven’t lost any of your own money, so no big deal! Pretty cool, eh?

To get started using your Free $25 Match Play Bonus, just log into your ZenSports account, and begin creating or accepting some bets. 


  1. You will be unable to withdraw funds from your ZenSports account until you've used up the entire $25 Free Match Plan Bonus in bets placed (or until you've deposited your own funds into your ZenSports account). In other words, you can't simply just withdraw some or all of the Free Match Play Bonus itself without placing any bets.
  2. To prevent fraudulent bets from being created and then being self-accepted, both the the Maker and the Taker of the bet can't be using the Match Play Bonus at the same time. Either the Maker or the Taker must be using their own funds (if you attempt to accept a bet using the Free Match Play Bonus that was created by a Maker who is also using Free Match Play Bonus funds, you'll be prompted with an error message).
  3.  All customers are required to go through KYC/AML verification before withdrawing funds, and each customer is allowed ONE Free $25 Match Play Bonus. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Only those customers that sign up from one of our white listed countries receive this bonus. If you sign up for an account from one of our restricted countries list, you will not receive this bonus.

Click here to see how you can check out your Available Balance and view your Transactions List.

**ZenSports reserves the right to end this bonus program at any time for all customers or just specific customers that it deems necessary,

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