Unlike traditional sports books that always require you to accept their bets with their own odds and terms, ZenSports allows you to create your own bets with your own odds and terms. You can of course still accept others' bets within ZenSports, but if you'd prefer more control over your own odds and terms, then you should use the Create Bet feature within ZenSports.

ZenSports makes it super easy to create your own sports bet. We guide you through a six step process that takes about 30 seconds to complete. 

To get started in creating your own bet, tap the "Create Bet" button at the top of the  Bets/Contests screen:

Step 1

After tapping the Create Bet button, you will be brought to Step 1 of creating a bet. On Step 1, you will either:

A) Select which league/sport you want to create a bet for from the menu list, which will then give you a list of teams/players in that league/sport to choose from later on in the process, OR 

B) If you already know which team or player you want to create a bet for, you can instead simply search for that team or player in the search box at the top of the screen. Doing this will allow you to skip Step 4 later on in the process:

Step 2

After choosing the league/sport or searching for a team/player in Step 1, you will choose the Time Period for your bet in Step 2. ZenSports currently offers three Time Period choices:

Season (Futures) - Bets that either span an entire regular season, playoffs, or regular season plus playoffs. Pretty much any bet that isn't tied to one specific game or set of a few specific games would fall under Season (Futures) bets.

Multiple Games (Partial Season) - Bets that are for a specific set number of games. Generally, this is for bets that are limited to 5 games or less, but theoretically anything that doesn't cover a full season and isn't just for 1 game would fall into this category.

Single Game - Bets that are specific to one, single game only. This is the most popular bet type within ZenSports. Most Takers love accepting bets on an upcoming game, as it's quick and easy to understand.

Here's how the screen for Step 2 looks:

Step 3

The screen that you'll see for Step 3 will depend on what you chose for the Time Period in Step 2. If you chose "Season (Futures)" in Step 2, you'll see a list of the current/upcoming seasons for that sport/league/team/player chosen in Step 1. If you can't find a season, you can search for it in the search box at the top. Select which season(s) you want to create a bet for, then tap the "Done" button in the upper right corner:

If you chose "Multiple Games" or "Single Games" in Step 2, you'll instead see a list of the current/upcoming games for that sport/league/team/player chosen in Step 1. If you can't find a game, you can search for it in the search box at the top. Again, select which game(s) you want to create a bet for, then tap the "Done" button in the upper right corner:

Step 4

**NOTE: If you searched for and selected a team or player in Step 1 instead of selecting a league/sport, Step 4 will be skipped for you. Proceed to Step 5 below.

Assuming you chose a league/sport in Step 1, then on Step 4 you'll choose the team(s) or player(s) that you want to create a bet for. ZenSports by default will automatically only show you a list of teams/players for that specific league, sport, season, and/or games selected on the prior steps. For example, if you choose Major League Baseball, Single Game, and pick a specific baseball game, you'll only see the teams and players involved in that specific game. So it's fully filtered to your specific criteria instead of just being every possible team or player in the world.

You can either directly select the team or player from the list, or if the list happens to be long and you don't want to sift through the list, you can simply search for the team or player in the box at the top in order to filter it down even more specifically:

Step 5

After choosing the team or player on Step 4, you'll be brought to Step 5, which is where you'll actually be able to choose the Bet Type and details of the Bet Type.

ZenSports provides 2 different ways to choose the Bet Type:

Pre-Defined List of Common Bet Types -- For each league/sport, time period, and team/player option that you chose in Steps 1-4, ZenSports gives you a list of the most common Bet Types based on those criteria that you can easily choose from.
Write In Bet Types -- You can free-form, write in any bet details that you'd like to create (up to 100 characters). Want to bet that Lebron James will show up in purple shoes? Go for it. Want to bet that Aaron Rodgers will throw a touchdown pass to himself? Love it. The possibilities are endless. Let the creativity begin!

Pre-Defined Bet Type Example:

Let's say you choose Major League Baseball, Season/Futures, and Arizona Diamondbacks on Steps 1-4. You would then see the following details on Step 5, with a list of the most common baseball Futures bet types to easily choose from:

You could bet on the Over/Under for the number of regular season wins that the Diamondbacks will have, or whether they'll win their division, etc. Simply select which Bet Type you want from the  menu list. Based on the Bet Type that you choose, a new field will appear below that, which will allow you to add more specific details to it. 

Let's say you choose the number of Regular Season Wins, you'll then be asked to enter in the number of Regular Season Wins, and whether you want to be the Over/Under/Exactly that number:

Lastly, tap on the blue Continue button at the bottom to go to the Final Step:

Write In Bet Type Example:

Instead of choosing from one of the Pre-Defined Bet Types that ZenSports provides, you can choose to write in your own bet with any details that you want. This is an opportunity to get really creative with the bet types that you can offer. The sky really is the limit when it comes to what you can type in. Just keep it clean and sports-related and you'll be all set :)

To write in your own bet, choose the "Write In bet description" menu item, which is located at the bottom of the list at the top. Then type in your bet details in the box that appears below it. You have up to 100 characters to work with. Then tap the blue Continue button to go to the final step:

Do NOT type in the odds for the bet if you choose to write in your own bet, as the odds will be entered into on Step 7.

Step 6

In this step you will choose when you want the bet to expire.  The expiration date/time is when no one can no longer accept this bet.

Step 7

You're almost at the finish line! Step 7 is the final step of the process in creating a bet. You'll see a summary of all the details of the bet that you've created so far at the top of Step 6, along with your Available Balance. If you need to change any of the details of your bet, you can go back to any of the previous 6 steps and edit those details.

Step 7 is where you'll enter in the odds that you'd like to offer for your bet, and the maximum amount that you're willing to wager. Instead of actually typing in the odds, ZenSports simply asks you to first enter in Your Bet Amount, then the Amount Expected to Win, and then tap the green "Finish" button:

ZenSports will then automatically calculate the odds based on these two amounts. For example, if you say that Your Bet Amount is $25.00, and the Amount Expected to Win is $25.00, that's an even money bet, so the odds would be +100 (2.00 Decimal odds). Or if you bet $25.00 to win $50.00, the odds would be +200 (3.00 Decimal odds).

Similar to when accepting bets, you can use the "Max Bet" feature on the right side of the first box to bet the maximum amount in your Available Balance, accounting for fees. ZenSports will automatically calculate your bet amount including the 2.5% Maker fee (1% for SPORTS bets) that will get deducted:

Unlike when accepting a bet, you won't be asked to confirm that you want to for sure create a bet after you tap the green "Finish" button. The reason ZenSports doesn't require you to confirm creating a bet is because you have the ability to edit or delete a created bet prior to a Taker accepting it, so you always have a chance to change your mind after creating it, assuming that a Taker hasn't already accepted it yet.

Instead, you'll simply see a confirmation message that your bet has been created:

See: Editing a Bet and Deleting a Bet

Lastly, if you don't have sufficient funds in your Available Balance to make the bet amount that you want, you will get a pop up where you can tap on the "Deposit More Funds" button and use it as an opportunity to add more funds to your Available Balance before coming back and creating the bet:

Video tutorial on creating bets as a Maker:

**NOTE: Creating bets as the Maker within ZenSports is a privilege, not a right. ZenSports reserves the right to suspend your ability to create bets as the Maker at anytime, for any reason, and without warning if it suspects that you're engaging in some or all of the following activities: 1) Creating bets with such astronomical odds with the goal of tricking or scamming other customers, 2) Submitting incorrect results on more than 3% of your accepted bets, 3) Violating our Terms & Conditions or other support library terms in any way.

ZenSports may continue to allow you to accept bets as the Taker without affecting our right to suspend your ability to create bets as the Maker.

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