While cash certainly had its place in society many decades ago, this is 2017. And the ZenSports team feels that you should be able to pay for your league/tournament entry fees by credit card right from your phone. With our app, you can add your credit card info one time, and then check out with it multiple times with just the tap of a button. You can also update your card info at any time as well. Our credit card payments system looks and feels like Uber or AirBnb. Which is how it should be.

Paying for a league/tournament with your credit card is super easy. Once you find a league/tournament that you're interested in from the Search screen, simply tap on that league/tournament:

You'll then see additional details about that league/tournament. To continue, tap on the "Register for Tournament" (or "Register for League" button if it's a league):

The final step is to enter in a credit card for the first time (if you've never entered one in before), and then tap "Submit Payment":


If you already have an existing credit card on file (from paying for previous leagues/tournaments in ZenSports), simply review that you want to use the same card and then tap on the Submit Payment button:

If already have an existing card on file and you want to pay with a different card, no problem! Just tap on the existing card number, and you can add a new card, change your default card, etc:

Click HERE to see more details on how to add, edit, delete, or change the default card that you want to use in iOS. Click HERE to see how to do the same in Android.

You'll also notice on the above Checkout screen that you can enter in a Promo Code that may have been supplied to you by your league/tournament director. If you have a Promo Code, go ahead and enter it in, tap the green "Apply" button, and you'll see the new, discounted price for your entry fee. From there, tap the Submit Payment button.

Once you tap on the Submit Payment button, you'll come to a Receipt screen that will confirm the amount of your payment and provide a reminder of the league/tournament details that you need to know about. Tap on "Done" to be taken to the menu screen for that league/tournament:

You'll also receive a copy of your payment receipt by email for your records.

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