ZenSports has integrated credit card processing directly within our app so that players can easily pay for their league/tournament entry fees with the tap of a button, and you can receive those payments directly into your bank account. There are currently no additional fees to receive credit card payments through ZenSports, so you have nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by doing so.

Credit card payments drive more players to your leagues/tournaments because players don't have to worry about having enough cash on hand to pay for their entry fees. Instead, they can simply tap a button, and register and pay for your leagues/tournaments all at once. 

Directors that use ZenSports see an average of 23% more league/tournament players just because they're now able to accept credit card payments.

Our credit card processing feature also saves you time and headaches in not having to collect cash, set up PayPal links, or go through some other painful methods. You just sit back and watch the money roll in. Click HERE to see what the credit card payment process looks like for a player. 

Getting Paid:

So how do you get paid once a player pays for a league/tournament entry fee with his/her credit card? If you're a new director in the ZenSports system, we'll automatically set you up to get paid for all entry fees within 1 business day after the league/tournament date has ended. We do this so as to prevent fraudulent leagues/tournaments from being set up by directors, directors collecting a bunch of cash in advance, and then running off with the money without ever holding a league/tournament.

If you're a reputable tournament director, we certainly don't want to make you jump through hoops or go through long delays to get your money. We're happy to pre-approve you to get paid within 1 business day of the player paying for the league/tournament entry fee (instead of 1 business day after the tournament has ended). This means that for most league/tournament entry fees, you'll receive the cash into your bank account by no later than the day of the league/tournament. To get pre-approved for this, simply send an email to support@zensports.com with more about you, your background, and your tournaments (it helps if you've been running the types of tournaments that you enter into ZenSports for awhile).

Please note that even if you apply and get pre-approved to receive funds within 1 business day after a player registers and pays, that you still might not get paid until after the tournament. For example, if you're hosting a tournament on a Saturday, and players register and pay on Friday or Saturday with their credit cards, you won't receive those funds until Monday. You can mitigate this from happening by only accepting cash on the day of the tournament. 

**NOTE: You can not require cash only payments from players who register and pay for entry fees in advance. You can only require cash payments on the day of the league/tournament when players register directly with you. You can choose to accept credit card payments the day of a league/tournament as well. You can find out more about credit card vs. cash payments by clicking HERE.

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