By default, when players register and pay for your tournaments in advance through ZenSports, they must do so via credit card. This is set up this way for several reasons:

  1. Directors aren't present when players are at home, work, the bar, etc. and they're registering and paying for leagues/tournaments in advance. So it would be impossible for directors to accept cash payments then.
  2. Registering in advance without paying (which would be the only other way this could be done), doesn't incentivize true commitment on the player's part to show up for the league/tournament.
  3. It allows players to not have to deal with going to the ATM, withdrawing cash, carrying cash to the tournament, and then paying directors.
  4. It guarantees players a spot in the league/tournament.
  5. Because ZenSports has a promo code field when players check out with their credit card, It gives directors the ability to offer special promotional discounts for registering in advance, registering through a specific marketing channel, etc.
  6. ZenSports doesn't charge any credit card fees to directors, so no one is losing any money.
  7. There are already plenty of other tools (like Facebook) for players to merely express interest in attending (without paying).
  8. Dealing with cash just sucks.

For the above reasons, directors do not have the ability to turn off the credit card payment option when players register in advance for a league/tournament. However, directors can require cash payments when players register on the day of a league/tournament and when it's done directly with the director.

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